Christmas Presents

From the Grand Babies

The first one is from Benny Max
It is a beach scene and even though you may think that is a yellow boat. It is his artistic eye of an umbrella on the beach. He will be three on January 11.

The second painting is from Brady and it is also a beach scene. I feel no explanation is needed. Brady is four.

The last is Ariana's version of Mickey Mouse. Just the colors alone are enough to see she has her grandma's eye. She will be three on January 9

Then all four of them created handprint cards for me?

You all know how precious and beautiful these are. After I hang them I will show you.


Birthday Paintings

For all the grand babies January birthdays.
Airplane for Ali's room
A Pirate for Benny Max
Humpty Dumpty for Ariana.

Brady will have to wait until April.


Getting Ready

For the Outdoor Show
Not sure these are good enough but I have to start somewhere.


All Framed

Ready to go?
But where??


Better pix

Oh well...

Bonnie Cox
1915 Wingate Bishops Head Rd
Toddville, MD 21672

Painted Old Fence

I dunno why I paint these.
Think I can sell them at the Outdoor Show?

What am I gonna do with it??


Very Busy Day

I finished the step-stools thus morning. I have illustrated a child's book and have been tying up the final touches on that today.
Then decided to work with this piece of drift wood that Bill picked up after the HIGH TIDE last week.

Painted furniture

Bill handmade these little step-stools for Ariana and Ali.

Then I painted them.


Here Fishy Fishy Fishy

Still playing around.

Felt Like Painting

Lisa Marie should recognize it!!




All Framed

In an old recycled wooden frame. I dry brushed it gold.

Georgia O'Keefe

The second week was