Messing Around

Trying to find something to do!!


Since Bill is now an Oyster Farmer, I thought maybe I need to learn to paint them.

Oyster and Crab Mirror


Summer Art Classes

The Summer Art Classes
are complete!
The art created in 
South Dorchester this summer is GREAT!
Four Art Classes were held in July
and we studied PICASSO!

The first class was held in Church Creek and was hosted by Melody Adkins. This class included students in kindergarten and first grade. The students were, Preston Adkins, Blake Bramble, Blake Todd, Madison and Mason Robbins, Autumn and Ethan Mowery and Maddie Bierley. 

The second class was held on Hoopers Island and hosted by the Island Pride Store. This class included Devon and Dylan Doll, Lauren and Luke Gootee, Brynn and Lydia Yates, Madison Abbott, Colby Phillips and Julia Crooks.

The fourth class was held in Wingate and was hosted by the Wingate United Methodist Church. The students were Evan Adams, Lauren and Abby Robinson, Matthew, Ryan and Nicholas Elzey, Clay and Haley Wilson, Tyler Sears and Alexis and Aiden Hayward.

Third class was held in Woolford and was hosted by the Woolford United Methodist Church. This class included Jenna and Will Lithicum, Brooke and Austin Windsor, Jazlyn and Gavin Sapulos, Helen Hutchinson, Sarah Brooks, Alexis and Luke Jacobson, Natalie Hall, Gretchen Richardson and Sydney Hughes.